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Dear Haikuware users/lovers/haters:

By installing and running Haiku OS® on your outdated computer/laptop, you accept that you're running an alpha quality operating system that changes every single day (or per alpha release). That said, the software here, and through Haiku's own package manager can break, or break your system instantaneously!

By downloading, using, recommending, or linking the software here therefore, you agree (or we assume, perhaps wrongly that you are logical and rational) to stop bickering (i.e. pulkomandy, and FYI I don't receive $2000/month to maintain Haikuware, I operate it at a loss) if software doesn't work, breaks your system, causes a catastrophic data loss, etc. and accept that it's 'use at your own risk' (thanks waddlesplash, pulkomandy & others, but this has been in our terms of use for 7 years; but maybe you all can't read English?). Further, we don't personally denegrate Haiku and/or the Haiku Depot when software doesn't work or breaks (i.e 'Haikuware software is crap, don't use it', so please stop your public chastizing of Haikuware (transcripts available at Echelog!). By the way, where is Haiku Depot's 'terms of use'? Our opinion is that it is better having legacy and current software here than not having it all, because at one time, most all of the software here funtioned on a certain Haiku release (the OS broke the software, not otherwise). Haikuware (and BeBits) have been used for years as a research point to track down software, developers, and sources. What would the community be without these resources? We have only ever tried to help Haiku, not be an enemy!

The software presented at Haikuware and the Haiku Depot is only as good as the developer/maintainer that can keep it up to date with Haiku's changes... It's not Haikuware's fault if the software is incompatible, it's the will of the developer(s) to deal with and support Haiku's consistent changes (of which the most have abandoned Haiku i.e nice native software: HaikuTwitter, PhotoGrabber, DocumentViewer,  Yab, Niue, Paladin, VopTopHandBrake etc. to name a few). Haiku hasn't reached R1 status, which means all the legacy (BeOS) software here *could run on Haiku eventually (or not). It was one of the original goals of Haiku (BeOS software compatibility). It's therefore a wasteful and useless endeavour to try to categorize which software, or software revision here (and on Haiku Depot) works on REV.xxx or Alpha.xxx for an alpha operating system release (even software compiled on alpha Haiku releases itself). The judge and jury is at R1 - hopefully people understand that, although I have a feeling I have to spell it out for certain individuals.  

That said, Haikuware has always accepted software of any kind to the platform without hesitation and presented it to users over the world for free! At Haikuware, you don't need to beg Haiku developers to upload your software to a Haiku repository. Here it's accepted and published the moment you sumbit your software. You don't need to be a rocket scientist and ask a miriad of questions or pile through documentation to figure out how to distribute your software - it is as simple as register > submit > done. We let the public/users decide what is good software through ratings and downloading statistics - not a clique of developers that think they know when and what's best for Haiku! Haikuware is a source for new and old software and we appreciate our new users, loyal users & developers alike.

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  • Senryu
    Karl, who could build new senryu image now [based ...
    By: streakx
  • Secure Envelope
    I think it is explained well enough in the manual,...
    By: bbjimmy
  • Secure Envelope
    Im not sure what it really do. Whats happening und...
    By: streakx
  • Secure Envelope
    to update url_list.yab: download and decode http:/...
    By: bbjimmy
  • Pretendo
    I can now unhappily confirm that pretendo does not...
    By: SeanCollins
  • Pretendo
    I haven;t tried shutting down my emulator after a ...
    By: SeanCollins

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