Update, July 18th.

There have been enough positive responses to take the next step. It's been decided to use Kickstarter to try and raise the funds to start Senryu. Kickstarter will only charge users that pledged funds if the project's financial goal is reached. I find this the fairest solution for all. It will be transparent, handled by a 3rd party, easy to track, and can be spread through social media easily. So, look for this soon - I will send out an email when this is ready.

P.S - many are asking why, the membership donation starting at $30, is mandatory in the survey (with some even saying I'm extorting money!). The paid membership is necessary to provide the financial resources to hire developers, purchase web server hosting, domain name, build machines, non-profit establishment, etc. It is key to the projects success and what differentiates it (partially) from Haiku. If there are enough paid members ($5000 USD to start), I stand by my word to contribute and match up to $5000 in funds to the organization.