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About BeOS R5 Sample Code:

Sample code for BeOS R5, from Be, Inc.'s web site. All code falls under the Be, Inc. sample code license.

The sample code contains a large assortment of examples and even useful programs. Here's a taste: LoadAddon, MailMarker, dosfs, iso9660, BeBounce, Container, Magnify, Pulse, Scripter, ShelfInspector, Thesaurus, colorPickerModule, EtherPCI driver, sample graphics driver, scsi raw device, sonic_vibes device, usb_speaker, Stars, Whack, Mandelbrot, QuickPaint, input server samples, Clock, MenuWorld, scrollbarapp, DropWorld, HelloWorld (of course!), TextEditor, doodle, cputime example, CodyCam, FilmStrip, Media examples including mplay, Mix-A-Lot, transcode, ToneProducer, VideoProducer, IMAP, VoteOften, 3dlife, GLTeapot, FolderWatcher, TranslatorPanel, PPMTranslator, and more!

Details about this version:

This is the sample code from the Be, Inc. website before it was taken down.

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Submitted On:
29 Oct 2007
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
2,937.38 Kb
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File Author:
Andrew Bachmann
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