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Squeak is a multi-platform derivative of the Smalltalk-80 environment. BeSqueak is the BeOS port of Squeak. Squeak has its own unique graphical user interface and runs identically on a variety of platforms (Win32, Unix, Mac, Acorn, several PDAs, and more...). All the source code for Squeak, its virtual machine, and all the applications that come with it is freely available.

Squeak not only includes the traditional Smalltalk-80 environment (MVC), but also an experimental user interface / prototyping enviroment known as Morphic which is related to SELF.

Squeak includes a wide variety of software. All the source for this software is available for your inspection. An incomplete list of this software follows:

Scamper, a web browser
Celeste, an e-mail client
IRC chat
MIDI playback & synthesis, as well as access to the BeOS Headspace MIDI synth
.WAV file playback (other audio codecs may be available)
The full Smalltalk-80 development environment
3D graphics
A web server that allows visitors to edit the pages
Macromedia Flash file player
True type font support
TCP/IP sockets
Joystick support
serial port access

One thing that is amazing about Squeak is that all this software (and more) runs almost identically on many platforms. Another cool thing is that many of Smalltalk's original creators are involved in this project and new development is happening all the time.

Details about this version:
Fixes a bug with colors in Squeak3D (aka Alice)

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29 Oct 2007
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Karl vom Dorff (karl)
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5,695.59 Kb
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Colin Sarsfield
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0 # RE: BeSqueakforkless 2010-08-05 01:03
The current download link points to Squeak 3.0 image/changes files which are not platform specific. The platform specific part is the Virtual Machine which is still available at the File HomePage link.

On the project homepage, the 3.0 Virtual Machine zip file seems to be corrupt, but the 2.8 VM binary and 3.0 VM source files are OK.

I can get 2.8 running fine under BeOS 5, but it unfortunately does not run under Haiku. In Haiku, the Virtual Machine runs, but the Squeak system never loads. Since the binaries work in BeOS 5, it seems a new port is needed for Haiku.

Squeak is also now at version 4.1, so an updated port is needed anyway. :(

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