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Niue is an easy to use but powerful development enviroment. Or, Niue is an application for BeOS/Haiku which makes it easy to develop applications for BeOS/Haiku. It comes with a syntax styled code editor and handy features to build and export your projects. Read the documentation to find out how to use Niue.

New in version 4:

- Added Code Completion (Yeah!)
- Added New Window option
- Added option to set Build Rules/makefile Generator
- All files are now 'live', files changed in external apps are updated immediately
- Added shortcuts to switch between files
- Added option to turn off Code Completion
- Added a shortcut to Icon-o-Matic in the Export dialog
- The make-output width is now live
- Niue now remembers it's previous bounds and location
- When opening the bebook BeHappy is tried first, if it fails the default browser is launched
- Fixed two lock-ups

- Added Backup tool
- Added an Align to Grid button in Visual Designer
- Grid size is used as window size when creating new projects from Visual Designer
- Visual Designer input now uses true bounds instead of width & height
- Item names are now live in Visual Designer

Niue wouldn't have been possible without the freely available sourcecode of the following projects:

Yate, by Chris Blackbourne,
EZLauncher, by Robert Polic,
File-To-Resource, by Gabriele Biffi,
The Mover class, by Sylvian Tertois,
The IconMenu class, by Rene Gollent,
The BarberPole class, by Micheal Pfeiffer,

And everyone working on, or supporting Haiku. Because Niue owes so much to those above I want to be sure that future developers can always rely on the codebase of Niue and therefor the Niue sources are always available by request.

Niue is developed by: Tako Lansbergen (a.ka. 0033)
Feedback goes to: takolansbergen@gmail.com, or bebits.com talkback

Submitted On:
29 Jul 2008
Submitted By:
TJ (0033)
File Size:
255.30 Kb
Open source, source available by request.
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0 # Need for feedback!0033 2008-03-11 11:57
If curious about your findings of the latest Niue, let me know!
0 # Short list of needed librarys and or programs to make nieu compileBrunoBratwurst 2008-03-12 05:53
What programs are needed to make nieu compile.
makefile? Or gcc?
Short how to would help me alot.

Besides I don't know how to compile Nieu looks very good. It finds at least one old project I did.
Mouse scrolling would be nice.
0 # @ BrunoBratwurst0033 2008-03-12 13:24
Thanks for your reply!
You need both gcc and the makefile engine. Best is to install www.bebits.com/app/2680, and then install the latest gcc (http://www.bebits.com/app/4011).

Mouse scrolling *should work, where doesn't it work for you?


0 # mousescroll in documentBrunoBratwurst 2008-03-12 23:46
Thanks I downloaded it and all is working.
Do I have to rename the new gnutools folder?
The mouse wheel It is not working in the project files. Outside in Haiku it works.
0 # New version0033 2008-04-17 09:18
Hi all,

Niue version 3 is out, see above for what's new.
I'm still very curious about your findings, let me know!
0 # MaxOS 2008-04-17 11:09
Good work 0033. 8)
0 # Code completion0033 2008-04-30 05:24
Just to let you know, Niue 4 will have full-featured code completion 8)

0 # Niue progres0033 2008-05-24 06:47
Hi all,

Just to let you know, after two weeks of extremely nice and hot weather here in Holland, I've restarted work on Niue a couple of days ago. The Code Completion is now finished and I'm working on improvements on the Visual Designer and I'm figuring out how to implement a makefile generator. A next release of Niue (v4) is planned for mid-June. Bugs, feature-requests, tips, this is the moment to let me know ;-)

A preliminary changelist:

- Added Code Completion
- Added a New Window option
- Added an option to turn off Code Completion
- Added a shortcut to Icon-o-Matic in the Export dialog

- Added a Align to Grid button in Visual Designer
- Grid size is used as window size when creating new projects from Visual Designer
- Visual Designer input now uses true bounds instead of width & height
- Item names are now live in Visual Designer

0 # karl 2008-05-24 08:22
Can't wait for the next release ;-)

Enjoy the nice weather!
0 # MaxOS 2008-07-05 12:05
Hey 0033.
Any progress with next Niue?
0 # Progress0033 2008-07-10 09:40

Progress is (very) slow atm, I'm really busy with other things than Haiku/Niue :sad:
In august I'm backpacking in Russia so hereby I promise to release a build of the sources before than. This will probably not be a fully checked/debugged release though, after Russia rl will be more quiet and I'll be spending more time on Niue...

I'm still in doubt if I should put the project on Osdrawer to see if there's more people who would like to work on Niue in the future, the code base is a big mess right now and pretty un-understandable for anyone except me. Cleaning the code up is not a fun task and not really a priority for me. The sources are available by request though, so far I've had one email from someone asking for the code.
Eventually, after Haiku R1, the sources will be documented and cleaned to be released as open-source and Niue will become a open-source project.

As always, please please provide me with some feedback, I need to know if the ui is intuitive enough to be used without a manual, are the menu's arranged in logical manner, which functions do you really miss, and so on...



p.s. It's a bit late but congrats to everyone in Spain ;-)
0 # New version0033 2008-07-29 09:33
Hi all,

I've just uploaded version 4 of Niue! After some weeks of hardly any progress I restarted work on this version two weeks ago and just finished most of the release goals today. There are still a couple new things left out, which are now planned for the next version, to be expected somewhere in October.

Niue *should on both R5, zeta and Haiku, development is done on zeta for the time being so there are some known problems with Haiku, like no mouse-wheel scrolling. When Haiku R1 alpha goes live I will switch to Haiku for development and focus will be fully on Haiku.

Along with many small improvements the biggest change is the code-completion module, which I'm pretty confided with. I'd like to hear your opinions, as always!

Feel free to email with any bugs, tips or requests... (takolansbergenNOSPAMgmail.com)
0 # karl 2008-07-30 02:22
Thanks for the update! Will include it in Senryu ;-)
0 # MaxOS 2008-07-30 06:18
Great, excellent work :-)
0 # Niue progress0033 2008-08-02 07:32
Hi Karl, and others,

Lot's of thanks for your support on Niue so far, I'm really proud that Niue makes part of the Senryu releases! I've received lot's of mail about the latest release and here's a short excerpt of the replies I've sent:

...To map out the short future of Niue, in about a week I'm going to make a month long trip through Russia and Mongolia and development time will be zero. After that my plan is to start documenting and cleaning the code. Then I hope to switch to Haiku for development and iron out all the bugs and differences that are between Zeta and Haiku. After that I have a big list of small improvements and UI changes planned, of which some come from Stephan's earlier mentioned mail. Also there's a couple of new things that I've been working on already but didn't make it into v4. basically v5 should result in a fully Haiku targeted and improved addition of v4.

Here's a short to-do list for v5:

- Extend visual designer (more elements)
- Haiku layout-management in VD
- Undo in VD
- Remember last active project
- ), ] & } helpers (like in PE)
- Improve Search 'n' Replace
- Save all changes on Make/Make-Run/Auto-save?
- Stricter Coding style in automated files - Open existing code in Visual Designer
- App-Uploader
- Remove makefile-dependancy? (more or less done, rethink makefile handling)
- Improve prefs handling
- Backup-file with date

In the distant future I would like Niue to become a community driven project, with the code hosted on OSDrawer.net or like haiku as an sourceforge or berlios project. Before that there is an awful lot of cleaning up and rewriting to be done. Because Niue uses so much of 'borrowed' code I strongly feel that I should keep the current code-base of Niue 'available by request'. Actually I'de like to include full sources with every download, I don't do so because the codes are such a mess and therefor not useful for other beginner developers...

As always, this TODO list will change during development and I can't promise that all targets are met.

Everyone, thanks again for your interest, and as always, tips/suggestions/help is very much appreciated!

Signed, 0033
0 # karl 2008-08-04 04:43
Great to see and hear the progress of Niue! It'll be nice to see the project on OSDrawer when you get it cleaned up. A generous gesture to the community, I hope other devs will pitch in some help when the time comes.

Best wishes on your trip. Sounds like an interesting place of the world to visit; be careful :-)
0 # Niceandreas_dr 2009-03-25 00:50
Nice tool. It created the makefile for me :-)
Does the code completion feature parse the sourcecodefiles? Because it does not work for me. It only offers c keywoards like asm and volatile. Offering classes and member variables and methods would be a nice feature too as well as functions and variables from included c header files.
And is there already a preferences window? Because here it doesnt show up here.
Thats all for now :-)

0 # RE: Niuestellarpower 2010-09-09 12:46
I'm trying to use it, but it won't let me remove any files and it only compiles the default project, which, when I click run, spews some characters out at me.

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