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The Haiku Hardware Compatibility Database (HHCD) is a community driven database that shows which hardware is compatible or incompatible with Haiku based on user experience - it is not affiliated, endorsed or supported by Haiku Inc. and Haikuware does not guarantee the accuracy of the contained listings in any way.
Hardware listings have voted ratings, indicated by: tick_x Registered users can click on these icons to vote the hardware either up or down. The more green checkmarks, the more users that found this hardware to work under Haiku. One green checkmark and one red x means partial support. Generally, listings that have one green checkmark are supported, and were submitted by a community member who personally tested the hardware. Rather than browse the directory, it's highly recommended to use the search function to find your hardware because many single listings contain multiple supported hardware entries.

Bluetooth Chipsets & Devices

Bluetooth Chipsets & Devices (5/- )

Cameras & Camcorders

Cameras & Camcorders (14/- )

Desktop Systems

Desktop Systems (56/- )

Input Devices

Input Devices (21/- )


Laptops (160/- )


Modems (-/- )


Motherboards (52/- )


Monitors (7/- )


Netbooks (28/- )

Network Cards - Wired

Network Cards - Wired (73/- )

Network Cards - Wireless

Network Cards - Wireless (85/- )

Optical Drives

Optical Drives (5/- )

Other Devices

Other Devices (11/- )


Printers (1552/- )

Removable Drives/Devices

Removable Drives/Devices (12/- )


Scanners (8/- )

Sound Cards

Sound Cards (23/- )

TV Cards

TV Cards (2/- )

Video Cards

Video Cards (369/- )


Webcams (4/- )

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